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Property no. 4


1301 West Capitol Street

Dowtown Little Rock

2 blocks from the State Capitol


Size: 12,000 square feet

​Size cont. 6,000 foot on each floor at $12 per foot

Second Floor has 7 apartments

Sale Price: $1,200,000


Includes: 2,000 square foot office building behind it

                and parking lot wtih 22 spaces.

12,000 square ft. building with 6,000 ft. on each floor. The bottom floor can be one space of 6,000 square feet, two spaces of 3,000 square feet, or four spaces of 1,500 suare feet. There is 6,000 suare feet on the first floor, and seven apartments on the second floor. It is similar to a strip mall arrangement. It aslo includes a 2000 square foot building behind it with 12 private offices. It has its own parking lot with 22 parking spaces.


Legal Description and Survey can be found on the For Sale page

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