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They want to "Get creative to make things happen" for YOU!

Greg Hatcher


Greg Hatcher is the owner of Hatcher Properties and the CEO for The Hatcher Agency. Hatcher’s focus today is to help downtown Little Rock become more beautiful and to use real estate to build parks and recreation for the community and for youth to compete in sports. Hatcher also started the Mighty Bluebirds Youth Organization and is the founder of several other companies including Twin City Limousines, Tiger Books, Arkansas Wrestling Association, Arkansas Wrestling Academy, Broker Solutions, and Hatcher Financial. A true entrepreneur who enjoys starting new businesses and making things happen.

Kelsey Hatcher-Dacus


Kelsey is a Real Estate agent for Rock Capital Properties working primarily in the Commercial Real Estate arena but also on select Residential Real Estate Projects and Developments.


She is a 2013 graduate from the University of Arkansas where she was a starting shooting guard for the Arkansas Razorbacks. Prior to college she attended Central Arkansas Christian High School where she played basketball, soccer, cross-country, and track and was on a record eleven state championship teams. She brings her winning attitude and competitiveness to the work place both as a licensed real estate agent and insurance agent. Kelsey represents Hatcher Properties on most of the real estate dealings.

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